Elementary school “Braća Radić” Koprivnica hosted the County competition of English language

published: 22.02.2017 — Views: 1,322 puta

In elementary school “Braća Radić” in Koprivnica was held County competition of English language, on 21 February 2017.

The competition included 52 pupils in five categories from almost all elementary and secondary schools in the county.

Pupils have shown enviable knowledge in understanding the listening, reading comprehension, knowledge of language and knowledge of the culture of legality English-speaking countries.

In the category of the 8th grade of elementary school the first place went to Karlo Punčikar from elementary school “Antun Nemčić Gostovinski” from Koprivnica, second place Marta Kunštić from elementary school “Đuro Ester” from Koprivnica, third place shared Danko Delimar from elementary school “Braća Radić” from Koprivnica and Tina Ferenčić from elementary school “Grgur Karlovčan” from Đurđevac.

From the other classes of high school, the most successful were pupils from Gymnasium “Fran Galović”: First Bartol Kekez, second Emilija Sinjeri and third Ema Horvat.

In the category of other grades of high school Matija Orehovec from High school Koprivnica won first place, Steve Banek also from High school Koprivnica won second place, and Luka Roštan from High school Đurđevac won the third place.

First place in the category of fourth grade gymnasium won Neven Jakopčić Gymnasium “Ivan Zakmardi Dijankovečki” from Križevci, the second place was shared by Ana Kamber from Gymnasium “Fran Galović” Koprivnica and Ivan Kranjčić Gymnasium “Ivan Zakmardi Dijankovečki” from Križevci and the third Matija Radotović from Gymnasium “Fran Galović” Koprivnica.

In the fourth grade of high school most knowledgeable showed Nikola Ivanček of High school “Ivan Seljanec” from Križevci won first place, Goran Strunjak second, and Leonardo Kašić third place both from the High school Đurđevac.

Congratulations to all participants and their mentors, and we wish you placement on national competition.