Held assembly of citizens of Local Board Starigrad

published: 03.03.2017 — Views: 1,644 puta

The assembly of citizens of Local Board Starigrad held in the House of Culture Starigrad. In front of Koprivnica participated acting mayor Mišel Jakšić, Melita Samoborec, deputy mayor, Zoran Gošek, president of the City Council and the Heads Darko Ledinski, Dubravka Kardaš, Jasna Golubić and Jasmina Stričević. In front of City utility company, Komunalac participated Maja Hleb CEO.

Snježana Veličan, Council President of the local committee put forward what realized in 2015 and 2016. As the most important led the rehabilitation of the roof on the building of the House of Culture, reconstruction through the streets and appointment of public lighting in the streets Prvomajska and Širovice. She noted also the request for solving traffic problems and setting decelerator of traffic near the schools in Krešimir Street, vertical signalization at the intersection Krešimirova and Starogradska and the pedestrian bridge over the national road at the exit from the street Širovice. She mentioned projects for which he hopes will be realized this year. Some of them are furnishing a dining room in the school or setting decelerator of traffic near the school, also the need for asphalting of Ratarska Street.

– Furnishing a dining room in the school is one of the projects which the City plans to implement this year, and we hope that the project would become a reality until May and to children will be secured the school meal. I also want to mention that in April or May, depending on the project documentation will start the works on asphalting of Ratarska Street – said acting mayor Mišel Jakšić and added that he was pleased that they last year managed to realize the planned projects and is confident that this trend will continue this year.

Regarding the vertical signalization at the intersection Starogradska and Krešimirova, seeks out the best traffic solution in cooperation with the staff of the Police Administration Koprivnica-Križevci.

Citizens are also asked questions about the current communal issues that will be solved by professional services of the City along with the town utility company Komunalac Koprivnica.