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Prominent Med

Project Public pROcureMent of INnovation boosting GREEN growTh in the MED area (acronym PROMINENT MED) is implemented within the Interreg Mediterranean program. Project is co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund. Project objective: To improve innovation capacities and connections between public and private stakeholders involved in the Social Innovation sectora applying Public Procurement of Innovation […]

published: 19.12.2016


The project PROSPERITY is financed from Horizon 2020, which is being implemented with the aim of encouraging the creation of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) in the 12 EU member states. PROSPERITY will be activated and involve institutions at the national level in the implementation of individual SUMP’s across the EU. It is planned to […]

published: 07.09.2016


Project Network for Democratic participation of Roma and traveler communities on municipality level – European and local challenges, with the acronym DEPART, carried out under the EU program “Europe for Citizens”. DEPART project is focused on the issue of Roma integration in local communities. The project conducted workshops and events from a variety of aspects […]

published: 31.08.2016


The project “Sustainable Urban FUrniTURE: Tool design to perform environmental assessments and the green procurement framework” with the acronym FUTURE, is financed through Union program LIFE+. The project aim is: Develop a tool that will allow accurate and simple analysis of the environment and to facilitate application of regulations related to green public procurement. The […]

published: 31.08.2016


A one-year project of the City of Koprivnica “ODJEK – Growing up in equality, Koprivnica” financed by Operational Programme, Effective human resources of the European Social Fund officially started on 1 September 2015. The aim of introducing assistants in teaching is to facilitate and promote the integration, daily work of teaching and learning of pupils […]

published: 04.03.2016


The project aim: promotion of healthy, safe and sustainable mobility of pupils in 15 elementary schools across the EU countries participating in the project. Specific objective: reducing traffic and congestion at the entrances of schools, increasing the quality of air and revitalization of urban spaces. The main beneficiary of the project: the Spanish Energy Agency […]

published: 26.10.2015


The “Amusement Tourism Development Strategy”, with the acronym ATDS, financed by the European Union through the IPA CBC Hungary – Croatia. The overall objective of the project: Creating a foundation in further sustainable economic development and the strengthening of tourism in the cross-border area. The specific objective of the project: Documentation for the development of […]

published: 25.08.2015


Project Tour – Pack is a project to create a joint cross-border tourism program, co-financed from IPA CBC Programme Hungary – Croatia. The purpose of the project: Creation and promotion of cross – border tourist packages cross – border region on the basis of regional, cultural and historical characteristics of the cross – border region […]

published: 10.03.2015

The project “Social basket”

The project “Social basket” funded by the European Social Fund (ESF) the European Union through Human resources development program. The purpose of the project: Help the poorest citizens of Koprivnica through the social supermarket. The overall objective of the project: Is establishment of a partnership system to provide effective social services to the poorest citizens, […]

published: 10.03.2015

INFINITE Solutions project

Full project name: Innovative Financing for Local Sustainable Energy Solutions Funding programme: Intelligent Energy Europe REA North project budget: 89.861,00 EUR Project duration: March 2014 – February 2017 Project partners: Energy Cities, IBGE-Brisel, Agueda, Aveiro, Udine, Parma, Frederikshavn, CU Bordeaux, Stuttgart, Riga and Regional Energy Agency North. Web site: to be developed Overview Local authorities […]

published: 17.11.2014