Acting mayor visited the works on Street hrvatske državnosti

Started works on reconstruction of Street hrvatske državnosti in Koprivnica, from Florijanski square to Križevačka street, on 20 February 2017. The works visited acting mayor Mišel Jakšić accompanied by professional services, on 23 February 2017. – Preparation of project documentation was done in agreement with the residents of the city, and especially the residents of […]

published: 23.02.2017

Club HELLO celebrates 25th anniversary

Club HELLO with a large gathering of students, current and former, their parents and friends celebrated 25 years of existence. The ceremony began with a song I have a dream that trainees Club sang along with Helena Hečimović, founder of the Club. – 25 years ago and I had a dream, it was a dream […]

published: 23.02.2017

Elementary school “Braća Radić” Koprivnica hosted the County competition of English language

In elementary school “Braća Radić” in Koprivnica was held County competition of English language, on 21 February 2017. The competition included 52 pupils in five categories from almost all elementary and secondary schools in the county. Pupils have shown enviable knowledge in understanding the listening, reading comprehension, knowledge of language and knowledge of the culture […]

published: 22.02.2017

Held chat rooms for babies and toddlers “Pico under masks”

In the Library and Reading Room “Fran Galović” Koprivnica was held Chat Room for babies and toddlers up to 3 years “Pico under masks” – to meet carnival, on 18 February 2017. The children are proud to show their masks and there are visited cats, mouse, Dalmatian, octopus, dinosaurs, Little Red Riding Hood, Dorothy and […]

published: 22.02.2017

The city of Koprivnica won an award for help in organizing the 16th IBSA European Championship in Bowling 2016

Croatian Paralympic Committee awarded the City of Koprivnica with special recognition for the help in the organization of the 16th IBSA European Championships in bowling for blind and visually impaired in 2016. The Croatian Paralympic Committee traditionally on the beginning of the calendar year organizing the proclamation ceremony’s for the most successful athletes of the […]

published: 10.02.2017

The end of the skating season on ice rink in Koprivnica

Finished another season of skating on the ice rink, which is from mid-December until early February organized numerous events, and some of the most important are “Games on Ice” small sports school and hockey. In addition to the numerous fans of skating and hockey who visited the city rink, the season is over for the […]

published: 08.02.2017

Held annual meeting of Old timer club “Biciklin”

In City Hall held the annual meeting of Old timer club “Biciklin”, Koprivnica, on 4 February 2017. The session was attended by over 50 members of the club, and acting mayor Mišel Jakšić and Jasmina Stričević, president of the sports association of Koprivnica. Present was a delegation of the Association “Dimek” Beltinci from Slovenia, Višnja […]

published: 08.02.2017

The City of Koprivnica is proud winner of the Silver Medal 2015 – 2017

Internet portal “Lokalna Hrvatska” every two years gives awards to units of local government with the highest number of releases. It is a virtual prize that is awarded after counting all the information announced during the period. The City of Koprivnica this year as part of the prize Plaques local Croatia won the silver medal […]

published: 03.02.2017

Held Night of Museums

Koprivnica joined with 111 cities and municipalities in Croatia who participated in the Night of Museums. This year the main theme was “Music and music giants and their impact on society.” Museum of Koprivnica held a program at five different locations. The first exhibition was opened at the Museum of the City of Koprivnica about […]

published: 28.01.2017