Held workshop on “Supervision Meeting – strengthening assistant in the classroom”

In the premises of the COOR Podravsko sunce, held the workshop “Supervision meeting – strengthening assistant in the classroom“, on 20 March 2017. The workshop is one of the activities of the “ODJEK II – Odrastanje u jednakosti, Koprivnica” and content is designed by an expert assistant of school partners in the project, and the […]

published: 20.03.2017

Great success for Ivan, Nataša, Vladimir and coach Alen at the Winter Olympics in Austria  

  Great news from Austria!!! Members of the Sports Association for helping people with intellectual disabilities “Veliko srce” Nataša Zamljačanec Plahinek, Ivan Dujaković and Vladimir Strmečki staying at the Winter Olympics which lasts from 14 to 25 March 2017, in Austria. Today was held the qualifying race in the 100m running on snowshoes. A total […]

published: 17.03.2017

Koprivnica started the competition selection of the most beautiful school garden

In the hall of the Youth Center held a motivational expert meeting on the occasion of the opening of the competition for the most beautiful school garden in Croatia in 2017, on 17 March 2017. The event is organized by the Croatian Radiotelevision and the Library Fran Galović Koprivnica, sponsored by the City of Koprivnica […]

published: 17.03.2017

Held 31st sessions of the City Council

Held 31st sessions of the City Council of Koprivnica, on which discussed the 40-point of agenda. The session started with section “Questions and Suggestions”, and questions are set by city councils Sandra Sinjeri, Emina Kovačević, Ernest Forjan, Ivica Suvalj, Siniša Kavgić, Željko Vugrinec and Darko Tetec, on 14 March 2017. After point “Questions and Suggestions” […]

published: 15.03.2017

Held an event Vukovar in Bakovčice

Organized by the local board Bakovčica and the City of Koprivnica in the Youth Centre held an event Vukovar in Bakovčice, on 4 March 2017. The ceremony program participated acting mayor Mišel Jakšić, Michelle Jaksic. The program began with the musical performance of a member of the Association of Friends of Culture Vlado Dolenec and […]

published: 04.03.2017

Held assembly of citizens of Local Board Starigrad

The assembly of citizens of Local Board Starigrad held in the House of Culture Starigrad. In front of Koprivnica participated acting mayor Mišel Jakšić, Melita Samoborec, deputy mayor, Zoran Gošek, president of the City Council and the Heads Darko Ledinski, Dubravka Kardaš, Jasna Golubić and Jasmina Stričević. In front of City utility company, Komunalac participated […]

published: 03.03.2017

Representatives of the Ministry of Finance from Albania visited City of Koprivnica

A delegation of the Ministry of Finance from Albania visited the City of Koprivnica in order to get acquainted with the model of public-private partnership construction of the Gymnasium “Fran Galović” Koprivnica. Representatives of the Agency for Investment and Competitiveness also visited the City of Koprivnica and they organized the visit. Acting mayor Mišel Jakšić […]

published: 01.03.2017

The Minister of state property Goran Marić on an official visit to city of Koprivnica

The Minister of state property visited the city of Koprivnica on the occasion of solving property – legal issues related to real estate owned by the Republic of Croatia in the Koprivnica-Križevci County, on 27 February 2017. Acting mayor Mišel Jakšić welcomed minister at the University North, together with Darko Koren, the mayor of Koprivnica-Križevci […]

published: 28.02.2017

Awards presented to the most active sliders

Marking the end of the skating season on the Koprivnica rink at the City Hall are divided rewards to the most active sliders. Their skates are the most honed Antea Sabolić, Dorijan, and Lukrecija Jakupec and with the same number of points deserved awards. Acting mayor Mišel Jakšić thanked everyone for coming and partners Belupo […]

published: 24.02.2017